Trump’s Deputy Assistant Follows Alarmingly High Number of Knife Accounts on Twitter

#KnifeThursday is the new #tbt. Twitter

Someone went through Sebastian Gorka’s Twitter and found out something kind of concerning. He follows a lot of accounts about knives. Like, a lot.

@Blade_Show, @ColdSteelKnives and @KnifeDepot? Yup, yup and yup. He also follows @KnifeThursday, which has the bio “weekly celebration of one of our most cherished tools. We claim Thursday as THE day to oogle(sic), fondle and celebrate our knives.” And then there’s @SaveOurKnives, “an advocacy organization ensuring Americans can mak (sic), buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools.”

And those are just a few of them. Business Insider reporter Natasha Bertrand‏ found a bunch more and tweeted about it, asking “are you ok @SebGorka?”

Commenters are speculating widely as to why Gorka, Donald Trump’s deputy assistant, is following so many accounts dedicated to knives.

But the best response:

We took a look at the other accounts Gorka follows on Twitter, and there was a lot of Doctor Who. Not as much as knives, but a lot of Doctor Who.