Congress Members Are Getting Brutally Candid About the Comey FBI Firing on Twitter


Elizabeth Warren wants Congress to get its head out of the sand. RYAN MCBRIDE/AFP/Getty Images and Twitter

The whirlwind of U.S. politics was taken up a notch Tuesday after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating Trump and his administration for alleged ties to Russia

People have taken to Twitter to chime in with memes and serious commentary, and members of Congress are no exception. While some are releasing official statements and others are keeping mum, many senators and members of the House of Representatives have taken to Twitter to talk candidly about the firing.

From Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren telling Congress to get their heads out of the sand and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey sharing a simple “sigh…”, Democrats have fired some serious shots.

Bob Casey had even more thoughts after Trump’s unpublicized Russia meeting today.

Republicans have mostly rushed to attack Democrats, who previously called for the firing of Comey. Although overall, Republicans have kept more quiet on the subject.

The most anticipated response has been that of Hilary Clinton, who hasn’t commented on the firing despite the fact that Comey’s handling of her emails was Trump’s suppossed reason for the termination.