Steve Bannon Looks Super Uncomfortable With Muslims, and the Internet Is Eating It Up

'Trying to hold his breath so he doesn't get infected with Sharia'

“Must act natural. Must act natural.” Twitter

This weekend President Donald Trump traveled to the Middle East as part of his first overseas trip as commander in chief. Not surprisingly, he brought many members of his staff with him.

Among them was White House Chief Strategist (and former executive chair of Breitbart News) Steve Bannon, who was also one of the main proponents of Trump’s immigration ban on majority Muslim countries. As such, you might expect Bannon to be a little uncomfortable in Saudi Arabia.

And you would be right.

Several videos and photos emerged this weekend of Bannon awkwardly shaking hands with or sitting next to Muslim dignitaries. And not surprisingly, they all quickly became memes:

Bannon’s boss became a meme on his own after he touched a glowing white orb.