Watch the 16-Minute ‘Love Actually’ Sequel Now for Turtlenecks and Joy


Love Actually is a very easy movie to mock, from its maudlin sentiments to its questionable relationships they present as romantic (Andrew Lincoln is very, very creepy to do the card thing, can we all agree that now?)

But I have seen it probably two dozen times and I assume I’ll watch it another five dozen times before I die. And because sometimes there is good in the world, and we’re allowed to have things we can just unironically enjoy, the cast reunited for Red Nose Day to give us a taste of what the future had in store for our favorite characters.

Hugh Grant pulled a Winston Churchill and he’s Prime Minister again, Andrew Lincoln married a model like he promised, Colin Firth is still wearing A+ turtlenecks, and, unfortunately, Piers Morgan is still alive. Most importantly, justice for Laura Linney!

Turtle necks, and happy endings, for all.