You Have 70,000 Thoughts Every Single Day—Don’t Waste ‘Em

70,000 thoughts can go just like that. Pixabay

On average, we have around 70,000 thoughts go through our waking minds on any given day. Does that seem like a lot?

You’ve got to consider how many of those thoughts are focused on eating. Walking. Trying not to say the wrong thing. Deciding on whether or not to buy a coffee. Worrying. Stressing. Panicking.

70,000 thoughts don’t stretch too far when you consider what we go through and how fast our brains work.

70,000 thoughts can go just like that.

The key is to spend quality time with our thoughts. Spend some time shutting down and shutting out distractions, and think things through. Think about the things that matter. Think about the people that matter.

Make sure that the bulk of those 70,000 isn’t blown like chump change.

When you start to consider how finite your existence and your time and the processes of your brain actually are, you can see how precious the level of mindfulness that requires us to sit up and pay attention really is.

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