Joss Whedon’s Sexist ‘Wonder Woman’ Screenplay Has United the Internet in Hatred

Don’t mess with Wonder Woman, Joss Whedon. Warner Bros. Pictures

Wonder Woman has become a critical and audience sensation since opening earlier this month, and girls have gotten a new idol after discovering the title character for the first time.

But the iconic feminist superhero could’ve looked a lot different.

An unproduced 2006 Wonder Woman script written by Avengers director and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon leaked online last week, and viewers quickly realized they dodged a bullet. Female fans in particular were as angry as the bros locked out of the all-female Wonder Woman screening—they screenshot many examples of Whedon’s casual sexism, particularly mansplaining Steve Trevor.

While Patty Jenkins’ vision of Wonder Woman thankfully won out, many fans said Whedon’s treatment of the character made his involvement with the upcoming Batgirl and Justice League films worrisome.

Here’s hoping DC listens to the fan reviews on this one.