Internet Applauds Andy Murray’s Feminism After Perfect Response to Sexist Reporter

He may have lost at Wimbledon, but he's still a winner—even his mom was impressed

Andy Murray, tennis pro and feminist. Julian Finney?Getty Images

Sam Querrey stunned the world today when he defeated Andy Murray, the world’s top-ranked men’s tennis player, during a quarterfinal match at Wimbledon.

But Murray’s not letting the loss get him down. In fact, he ended up a winner on social media after all, thanks to an answer he gave at the post-match press conference.

Indeed, Venus and Serena Williams have won dozens of Grand Slam matches over the past eight years—and this isn’t the first time Murray had to fact check a reporter on that.

The internet immediately applauded Murray for his feminism.

Even Murray’s mother got in on the fun.

Nice work, Andy. You were definitely raised right.