The ‘UPS Dogs’ Facebook Page Is the One Good Thing Left on the Internet

Who’s a good boy? Facebook

There’s been so much bad news in the world lately—even the Muppets aren’t immune.

But there are some areas of the internet that offer cute animal photos in place of full-on, unrelenting despair. The Twitter account WeRateDogs has been the undisputed leader in this arena, but it’s got some competition, namely from UPS Dogs.

This Facebook page launched in 2013 and has over 14,000 likes. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: UPS drivers snap pictures of dogs (good or bad) that they meet on their route and submit them to the page. Customers can also send in pictures of drivers and dogs interacting.

While the page is not affiliated with United Parcel Service, it definitely serves as good PR for the company’s drivers. There are also plenty of cute pictures of dogs in costume.

There are so few good, pure things left on the internet that when you find one it’s worth cherishing. So to the UPS Dogs of Facebook, we say: Who’s a good boy?