Head to the Museum of Broken Relationships for Rice Pilaf and Regret

The Bravo sponsored museum was previously in Los Angeles, before landing in New York for two days of torment

A scene from the museum in Los Angeles. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Have you ever gone through a break-up and held on to one item in particular, as innocuous as it seems at the time? The Museum of Broken Relationships pop-up offers a helpful reminder it’s high time to rid yourself of former suitors forever, by donating their items and telling the world what went wrong.

Bravo teamed up with the Brokenships exhibit to bring rice pilaf, love letters and shimmering boat shoes to Flatiron Plaza over the weekend. The notes and their corresponding knick-knacks, all provided by New Yorkers, act as helpful reminders your last heartbreak really wasn’t all that bad.

The museum was previously in Los Angeles, and also ventured to Zagreb, Croatia, before landing in New York for two days of torment.

Spend the night with your ex in Flatiron. Cindy Ord/Bravo

While plenty of celebrities donated items, including Madonna, The Fat Jewish and Real Housewives stars Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley, some of the most poignant items were from ordinary people. One in particular was a box of rice pilaf a woman kept at her house for the better part of a decade, hoping her ex-boyfriend would one day come back for it. When he inevitably returned for a single night, he left her a note apologizing for eating the only box she had left, without knowing she had purchased it only for him.

Another not-so-romantic moment was courtesy of exploding pickle candy, entered into the exhibition as a talisman. “My ex gave this to me as a joke, because he knew I liked weird novelty candy. Instead of eating it (no thanks), I kept it in my purse the entire time we dated…[It] capsulized the idea that when you’re in love, everything—even exploding pickly candy—feels touched with specialness.” Another magical moment came courtesy of a Dave & Buster’s winner shirt. “Two hyper-competitive people enter a Dave & Buster’s as a couple, both exit Dave & Buster’s and immediately reactivate their Tinder profiles.” Perhaps Dave & Buster’s is the new Ikea.

Write your ex a letter in time for the show’s premiere to see it on television. Cindy Ord/Bravo

Other social media personalities also had items on display. YouTube performer Alli Fitz provided the lint roller she used on her ex every time he entered her house, on account of his cats. Bros Being Basic gifted a safari hat. There were plenty of Vanderpump Rules cameos, in the form of a wedding photo and a green gown. Even Instagram famous Doctor Mike joined in, posting a video about what physically happens during and after a particularly bad break up.

The free pop-up exhibit will continue until tonight at 7, so there’s still time to feel better about your own love life. It coincides with the premiere of A Night With My Ex tomorrow at 10 p.m., a show where former couples are brought back together to discuss their issues while the world watches. Viewers can tweet exactly what they’d say to their ex and see their words featured on the show, so start preparing your rice pilaf.

The rice pilaf in question. Courtesy Bravo

Head to the Museum of Broken Relationships for Rice Pilaf and Regret