Columbia University and The New York Observer

Columbia University experts in the earth and environmental sciences and policy span the fields of hydrology, geophysics, seismology, engineering and many others. The New York Observer, in its new Green section, is collaborating with Columbia to bring readers the latest news and findings on a range of environmental issues, including climate change, conservation, water, and biodiversity. Over the coming months you will see more features added to our Green section, highlighting the work of Columbia University scientists and educators.

The first feature of this collaboration is a blog by Steven Cohen, executive director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, an organization dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges through research, education and policy initiatives. Steve is also the director of the Master of Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy at the School of International and Public Affairs and has written several books on environmental policy and public management. He appears frequently on local news commenting on these issues. His blog will cover issues of sustainability and environmental policies that affect New York City.

We look forward to featuring more of Columbia’s scholars who will share their knowledge of all things green, and provide insight into issues affecting the sustainability of New York City and the world.

Columbia University experts working on environmental and sustainability issues are among the leaders in their fields. Housed within Columbia are a number of divisions, centers and programs focused on expanding the understanding of and finding solutions to our changing planet. These include The Earth Institute, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and its recently launched Columbia Climate Center, among many others. Columbia scientists are working across disciplines to understand how urban populations can better adapt to climate impacts; how new technologies can help mitigate carbon emissions; and how poor communities can better use climate data to prepare themselves for infectious disease outbreaks.

To learn more about Columbia’s work on environmental sustainability issues, check out