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A story of unsinkable family devotion, unfolding courage and extraordinary survival, ARCTIC TALE takes audiences of all ages on an epic adventure inside an icy kingdom at the very top of the earth – where a bold little polar bear and wily young walrus are about to tackle the brave new world that confronts them, with everything they’ve got. More than five years in the making, the film’s stunning and emotional images reveal the beauty, comedy and urgent dangers facing one of the most awe-inspiring, mystery-filled places on our planet. The storyteller of this unforgettable ARCTIC TALE, with a script written partly by nature itself, is Academy Award® nominee Queen Latifah.

The tale begins as Nanu, a fluffy polar bear cub, bursts with her mother and brother from their winter den on Snow Mountain, scampering, tumbling and sliding through the heavy snow with joyful abandon. At the same time, Seela, an endearing walrus pup, emerges into the world, joining her close-knit family herd on the icy islands of the surrounding sea, where they sun, snuggle, scratch, snooze and emit a symphony of blissful grunts and groans.

The world Nanu and Seela have entered is a fantastical, fairy-tale place – except that it’s completely real -- filled with the dancing lights of the aurora borealis, the romantic love songs of male walruses and such magical-looking animals as the narwhals or “unicorns of the sea.” Nanu and Seela are surrounded by crystalline ice floes; shadowed by intriguing foxes, ring seals, gulls and thick-billed murre birds; and guided by the wisdom of their doting mothers. As they begin to explore, they find a constant array of dazzling and surprising new experiences all around them.

But as Nanu and Seela grow up, they will also have to find courage, heart and an indomitable will to survive. They have been born in a time when they will face not only the extreme natural conditions that their ancestors did, but a growing new threat that could change the lives of Nanu’s and Seela’s future generations: the very ice that makes up their kingdom is literally melting away.

Even as Nanu learns such incredible skills as how to “ice crash” in order to capture food, she finds that food for her family is scarcer than usual. Meanwhile, Seela learns from her mother and “auntie” how to survive in the sea as an air-breathing mammal, and even discovers how to stage a narrow escape from her scariest predator – the polar bear. Yet Seela, too, faces something new. When the ice floe she and her family find shelter on breaks apart, the young pup faces a make-or-break 60 mile swim to shore, an epic test of endurance.

Nanu and Seela might be rivals in the wild, but together they now face a single danger. These two “giants of the North” are losing their beautiful icebound existence and both must intrepidly seek out new ways to live in a world where the rules have changed. Their moving journey, which so closely mirrors our own – from cuddly babes to mischievous teens to wise parents trying to prepare the next generation for big changes ahead -- takes audiences into the heart of an amazing and important story from a vanishing kingdom of ice.

Paramount Classics presents a National Geographic Films production in association with Visionbox Pictures, ARCTIC TALE, directed by Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson. The producers are Keenan Smart and Adam Leipzig, and Kevin McCarey and John Manulis are executive producers. Kattie Evans is co-producer.

This film is Rated G. In Select Theatres July 25th, Nationwide August 17th