The clean and lovely former apartment of Mr. Kern.
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Rolling Back Prices: Two Duplexes Trade at Park Ave. Co-op, Just $7 M. a Pop

Thomas and Marina Shields Purcell did not make out particularly well on the “grand” duplex maisonette they owned at the co-op at 830 Park Avenue. Mr. Purcell, who was formerly the co-CIO of Viking Global Investors—and who is apparently in the midst of a sabbatical—and Ms. Shields Purcell, half-sister of Brooke Shields, bought the place, an “impeccably renovated” three-bedroom, for $7.475 million in 2007, over $500,000 more than it sold for the year before. But they managed only $7.05 million on the resale, according to city records—roughly a quarter million less than the most recent asking price cited in the listing held by Corcoran’s Heather Sargent, Sharon Baum and David Enloe.

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