‘Big Brother’ 17×3: The First Live Eviction

Here’s the thing about week 1. You can’t really call it a “week” because of television production schedules and lunar eclipses it ends up being something like 15 days. The only people who would want a 15 day week are those ones that really hate Mondays. In a 15 day week, you’d only have one Monday. But you’d also only have one Friday and one Saturday. And they’d probably name the other 8 days after Beatles songs or John Wayne movies. Not that “Rooster Cogburnday” doesn’t have a ring to it. It does. But a 15 day Big Brother week is exhausting. In the world of the Live Feeders this has been a lifetime. If you’re only watching the tv episodes you have some relief. You haven’t seen how hard some of these houseguests have overplayed the jump off. The house has flipped more times than a Jace elimination gif (sick summersaults bro).

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