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‘Better Call Saul’ 1×5 Recap: Compassionate Care

In Leslie Jamison’s beautiful collection of essays, The Empathy Exams, she opens with an exploration of a convention of Morgellons disease sufferers out in Austen, in a story that originally ran in Harper’s under the headline “The Devil’s Bait.” Symptoms of Morgellons include coarse fibers and fuzz growing out of the skin, invisible to the eye except to those who know where to look (and have a high-powered microscope). The only problem is that doctors, the CDC, and most of clinical medicine not found on the confines of the Internet have all but claimed that Morgellons does not exist. That the people experiencing the feeling of these threads and fibers–who pick at their face or torch their arms or itch until they give themselves permanent scars and scabs–are suffering, yes, but from a manifestation of a disease entirely in the mind.

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