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‘Better Call Saul’ 1×4: The ‘Donnie Darko’ Years

So…still not sure what to make of Better Call Saul, which seems to be Breaking Bad season 1 funny, which is to say, not quite a comedy. Not even like a Fargo-y, dark comedy (though look, “comedy is comedy” as a wise man once said about Family Guy), because BCS doesn’t revel in the macabre. Oh sure, it likes it’s gore, but more in the way Wes Anderson likes eccentric-looking pets. It’s just a little tableau, putting hatchets in the hands of two twins (ZOMG!). And look, last night, that man in the alley isn’t even dead, because short-long-cons are back! (God, miss you Sawyer.) And Gus Fring? Let’s face (off) it: the shock of that scene is totally made all the more whimsical because like, an old man blew him up with a bomb connected to a bell on his wheelchair. How very…macabre! Vince Gilligan, are you sure you’re not secretly Wednesday Addams? Or maybe like Aubrey Plaza? Because you are one droll-ass motherfucker.

But see, my issue with this show–starting even with the SPECTACULAR classic wallet-Rolex con (Medium Cons 101, you guys) that was none the less David Blaine AH-MAZING because I didn’t even see it coming– was that it’s tone doesn’t seem sustainable. Breaking Bad wasn’t, ultimately, a comedy, though it was had moments of pure comedic brilliance. Better Call Saul is, as far as I can tell, not going in the direction of an hour-long romp of Ask Manson-like “bits.”

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