A rendering of the sculpture by Jeff Koons. (Courtesy the Sacramento Kings)

Art World Abstracts: West Coast NBA Stadium to Get a Jeff Koons Sculpture, and More!

One of the most pleasing and iconic early sculptures by Jeff Koons—and what might be better than the neo-Disney technicolor bombast that came later—is Three Ball 50/50 Tank (Two Dr. J. Silver Series, One Wilson Supershot). You know, the basketballs floating in a fish tank. Koons, typically, has some pretty hilarious things to say about these basketballs: “You know, the reason that I used a basketball over another object is really probably for the purity of it, that it’s an inflatable, it relates to our human experience of to be alive we have to breathe. If the ball would be deflated, it would be a symbol of death. But it’s inflated, so it’s a symbol of life.” OK, so, maybe ol’ Jeff isn’t, like, sitting courtside heckling the refs or anything, but the guy at least knows about hoops, so it’s wonderful that the Sacramento Kings have commissioned a Koons sculpture for the their new arena. May it bring little luck to the Kings, as I’m a Washington Wizards fan.

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