Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Getty Images).

Bibi’s Moment to Make Friends With Israel’s Enemies

President Obama’s disdain for the Israeli right, and for Mr. Netanyahu personally, is no secret. However, the Prime Minister was reelected handily, leaving Mr. Obama to determine how best to work with the Israeli leadership. Rather than continuing to try to pressure Mr. Netanyahu to make a deal that, whether due to Israeli recalcitrance, Palestinian unwillingness to meaningfully respect Israeli security, or domestic political considerations in Israel or the Palestinian authority, is not likely to happen anytime soon, the U.S. should encourage Israel to think more broadly about securing its future and provide the necessary political support to help do that. Additionally, the long held American view that a resolution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is the key to broader peace and stability in the Middle East can no longer be taken seriously given what is happening in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and with the rise of ISIS.

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