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‘Big Brother’ Recap 17×2: Meet and Greet

Second night of Big Brother and I have already lost all chill. I’ve been talking and texting about it all day. Anyone who isn’t caught up has already been banished off the group text. Who doesn’t watch on premiere night, that is crazy for real—savages. Theories have been thrown around. Preferences spoken. There are heavy feelings on the Battle of the Block being back, a more controversial twist than I thought. Last year, the two Head of Households did a lot of conspiring together—so it dragged a bit at times but that was solid gameplay. I think it will be more hectic this year. Last season, the house was having it’s strings pulled carefully by Derek and his tight alliance. I don’t see anyone being able to carry that off this year. BUT I NEED MORE INFORMATION. The Live Feeds have only just been turned on. That is the pure uncut fix for a Big Brother junky. Both of these premiere episodes and most of the regular prime time eps are showing days old footage. Unless it is a live show, we’re getting an edit. All of this has already happened and we’re watching it while actual new stuff is going on but we can’t see it yet. I’ve aged more years than that part in Beetlejuice when they bring back Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin into their human bodies and they look like twin wedding day Cryptkeepers. It is only day two and I’ve spun out word to Les Moonves.

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