It's hard to talk with a gun in your mouth. (HBO)

‘Boardwalk Empire’ 5×4 Recap: Brown Rust and Wheet

Young Nucky is still sweeping away. Sweep sweep, young Nucky. We can tell he’s dreaming of a better life because he’s in the hotel, staring at the nice things. Now we’ve discovered why Nucky wants to live in the hotel.

“Don’t walk into the room like a question mark,” snarls the Commodore, before letting Nucky get a sneak peak of a (too) young woman (Gillian?) before laying out a map of Atlantic City…as he wishes it to be. There’s a lot of talk about water lines and how races shouldn’t comingle and trains and ferries. We get a sense of how the Commodore was always a jerk. “Don’t try to parse me!” He yells, before trying to fire Nucky for um, not being in school. It’s a legit reason, but we’re supposed to feel like the Commodore is an unfeeling jerk. Which he is, but come on, these flashbacks.

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