Martin Freeman and Fargo helps land FX with 19 Critics' Choice Awards nods. (FX)

Why FX Deserved More Critics’ Choice Award Nominations Than HBO

Well, we can’t make heads or tails of their logic–like how a 10-part self-contained season of Fargo counts as a mini-series while the eight episodes of True Detective are somehow put in the Drama category–but in terms of recognizing the best shows on television, the Critics’ Choice Awards have the Emmys and the Golden Globes beat, hands-down. Sure, you might find the stray Big Bang Theory nominee, but alongside Broad City and Silicone Valley in the Best Comedy Series category. Amy Schumer’s up for Best Actress in a Comedy,  Andrew Rannells for Best Guest Performer in GIRLS, Hugh Dancy for Hannibal and Vera Farmiga for Bates Motel.

But most tellingly, the CCA stands out because of the dark horses it chooses to acknowledge: out of all the networks, FX is in the lead with 19 nominations, followed by HBO with 18. Martin Freeman, that adorable hobbit, is up for two noms (both Fargo and the episode of Sherlock where Watson gets married), and Allison Janey scored a double-hitter for her roles in Mom and Masters of Sex. Look, they even gave Trophy Wife some love! (Bring back Trophy Wife!) And Archer! And Adventure Time! And Cosmos!

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