The cast of Sleepy Hollow. (Fox)

The UnWhedon-ing of ‘Sleepy Hollow’

During the first season of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, I couldn’t figure out what made it so good. The story of the Headless Horseman has never really appealed to me as a horror story, mainly because the protagonist, Ichabod Crane, comes off as such a wimp. (The Tim Burton movie didn’t help much with that either.) Of course, in this updated version, Ichabod is the sexy, pantaloon-wearing Tom Mison, a former colonial spy under General Washington who has Rip Van Winkled his way into the present day in order to stop the four horseman of the Apocalypse. He’s paired with another “witness,” Abigail Mills, whom Ichabod calls his “leftenant.” It’s adorable.

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