‘The Leftovers’ Recap 1×8: ‘American, Beauty’

This week’s confrontation between Patti and Kevin and Dean, the cranky ghost without a driver’s license or gun permit, was terribly foreshadowed in the opening sequence.  We are treated to a back and forth montage between Patti, the leader of the Guilty Remnants and Kevin Crazy Bagels…doing homeowner-y stuff in a very disconcerting yet boring way. (#LeftoversMetaphor) For instance, Patti is laying out children clothes, but like a room’s worth, and they are just all propped up in Reverend Matt’s former church, looking like deflated dolls. Kevin is setting out a fancy dinner while staring angrily at the sunflower centerpiece and OCD-arranging the silverware. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN SUBURBAN ANGST AMERICA.

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