California governor Jerry Brown (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Jerry Brown in the 21st Century

It is ironic that while supporters of Hillary Clinton worry, and perhaps hope, that her relatively advanced age will become an issue in the 2016 presidential election, the one Democrat that would have a legitimate chance of beating her in a primary campaign will most probably not run because he is too old. Imagine if Ms. Clinton’s possible opponents were not either relative unknowns seeking to plant a flag for the future like Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, or minor candidates unable to mount a serious campaign like former Virginia Senator James Webb, but a governor coming off a landslide reelection victory in 2014, already enjoys national name recognition and a reputation as a progressive and an innovator, has experience balancing budgets, navigating national disasters and is chief executive of a state that’s size and diversity outstrips that of most countries. Imagine also that governor had served two terms as mayor of one of the country’s poorest and most crime-ridden cities, where he was viewed as one of the best chief executives in that city’s rocky history, before being elected Attorney General and then governor of his state.

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