Carrie Preston and her wonderful world on The Good Wife.

‘The Good Wife’ Recap 6×6: A Haphazard Hour, In My Opinion

Alicia’s campaign heats up with some obligatory PR. Eli’s daughter Marissa shows up to be Alicia’s Tony Hale while Johnny Elfman prepares Alicia to go in front of the voters on Pastor Jeremiah’s Internet show and pretend like she’s not an atheist. (I leave it to you all to debate whether or not the name Pastor Jeremiah was a nod to the preacher that got then-Candidate Obama in hot water in early 2008.) I love this story, not only because it’s so true that we are insanely far from having an avowed atheist in most public offices (especially the highest ones), but because it taps into The Good Wife’s deeply lived-in and deeply legitimate cynicism about politics. Johnny Elfman tells Alicia that the voters deserve to know who she is. When Alicia counters that she’s an atheist, he immediately backpedals with “They deserve to know who we want them to think you are.”

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