Austin's gameplay has been upside-down all week. (CBS)

‘Big Brother’ Week Six Recap: Judas Kiss

I did a little math this week as I finished up watching season 3 of Big Brother before last night’s BB17 live show. Between tv episodes, the live feeds, and old seasons I’m catching up on and/or re-watching on the CBS Access subscription, I see on average about seventeen hours of Big Brother a week. I’m trying to bump that up to an even twenty-four. Let me say a quick thing about the CBS Access page because I’m spending close to a full day a week there. I pay for the subscription to get the feeds and the classic episodes. You can watch lots of other shows on there, too, but I’m trying to get my Big Brother numbers up so I don’t have time to dive into Zoo right now. That’s what autumn is for. Summer is all Big Brother to me. I pay a monthly subscription fee and it’s worth it except they still run ads throughout any of the back catalog eps. That’s not ideal but the worst part is that the volume at which the commercials play is one thousand times louder than whatever setting you have the show on at. They used to do this on television back in the day and the FCC said it was illegal. George Bush I even ran with this as one of his campaign points. It is the worst. I’ve sent about thirty messages to the “comments” section of the website, so there is a folder on some CBS server that says “lower the volume on your damn ads” over and over again from me. It doesn’t need to sound like a jet taking off just because you’re running the same T-Mobile ad seventeen times per 40 minutes episode. I will fight this good fight and I will win (or quit CBS Access when Big Brother ends in the fall, whatever…)

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