Diane Ducruet, Mother & Daughter II, 2014. (Photo courtesy artist's website)

Art World Abstracts: French Artist’s Mother-Daughter Photo Censored, and More!

French artist Diane Ducret’s polyptych photograph titled Mère Fille was removed from the exhibition “L’intime comme illusion,” part of the month-long festival Le Mois de la Photo, after the gallery showing the work received threats online. The artist now lists the work as “censored” on her website, and described the controversial image as “a vision of mother and daughter far from the Pietà archetype… Two bodies entwined, attempting to separate from each other.” Meanwhile, Françoise Paviot, the show’s curator said the piece was removed, “even though it was displayed in the gallery’s basement,” because of the inability to determine the seriousness of the threats.

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