Julian Schnabel, Jeffrey Deitch and Jeff Koons. (Photo by Kristy Leibowitz)

Welcome to Deitchland: After a Stint in L.A. Jeffrey Deitch Once Again Takes New York

The first thing I saw when I entered Jeffrey Deitch’s Oz-on-Acid fairly bonkers performance-stuffed party last Friday celebrating Live the Art—a brick of a coffee table book out from Rizzoli that documents the 15 years of his beyond wacky, insanely important art space, Deitch Projects—was the name of the impresario’s beloved bygone space done up in the font and design of a Brillo Pad. This wink at Warhol is only to be expected from Mr. Deitch, as the dealer’s backdoor string-pulling within the scene was rivaled only by Andy, his hero and master.

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