Stressmas vacation

Stressmas Vacation: Trying to Relax Without a Lounge Chair, Dinner Reservation or Tennis Slot

It had been many years since I’d been to an event at the St. Regis rooftop, the last one being my very own wedding to Dana, oh so many moons ago. It was a balmy afternoon this past October when we returned to celebrate a dear friend’s family event at an elegant luncheon. We once again found ourselves in the Faberge style ballroom, which by day felt like being on the set of ThePrince and the Showgirl, although Olivier was not in attendance.

The conversation at our table turned to the holidays. I leaned in to talk with a formidable businessman who is as smart as he is efficient. “And what are your plans?” I asked, taking a taste of the silky mousseline.
He mentioned a well-known island resort.
“Have you been there before?” I inquired.
“It’s our fourth year, which helps.”
“Helps? How so?” My ears perked up.

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