Oh (Coen) Brothers, Where Art Thou? Noah Hawley on His ‘Fargo’ TV Series

The Golden Age of Television has followed film to its inevitable destiny: we’re now in the era of the remake. How else do you explain the existence of the small-screen adaptations of Rosemary’s Baby, The Sound of Music, Hannibal and in the most head-scratching case of brand endorsement, the new FX miniseries Fargo? When I was growing up, a small screen version of such a famous film would have been unthinkable outside the realm of Saturday morning television (Ghostbusters and Beatlejuice), yet the world of the Coen Brothers’ film has now been expanded to its deluxe player edition that no one asked for. Well, no one outside of CBS, which in 2003 commissioned a pilot directed by Kathy Bates and starring Edie Falco as Frances McDormand’s character. The series was never picked up. (But you can watch it here.)

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