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Family Jewels: The David Yurmans (Perhaps) Snatch Up West Village Townhouse for $17M

The townhouse at 66 Morton Street, which just sold for $17 million, according to city records–$3.1 million more than the asking price–has long been a “Mecca for filmmakers,” according to the listing held by Eileen Robert and Charlie Miller, of Corcoran, drawing camera crews for Working Girl and Autumn In New York, among others. Ms. Robert attributed the significant premium in the closing price to an “active bidding war,” when we reached her by phone, but would only make wry reference to an “American LLC” when asked about the buyers, who are identified in public documents as Triple Y Properties LLC, with an address at 24 Vestry Street, which is, in turn, the corporate headquarters for the David Yurman company, maker of spangly cabled ornamentation favored by Real Housewives and privileged teenage mall-goers in your nicer parts of New Jersey.

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