Hillary Rodham Clinton.(Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images)

Why Elizabeth Warren Would Accomplish Nothing By Challenging Hillary Clinton

It is true that Ms. Warren would like to see the party, particularly on economic issues, move in a different direction. According to the New York Times, “Ms. Warren, a first-term senator, has been musing with associates in recent weeks about how to keep the party focused on questions of economic fairness, as she did with her unsuccessful attempt to stop a spending bill this month that included language that would benefit banks.” However, running for the Democratic nomination, but losing to Ms. Clinton is no way to do this. Ms. Clinton is an experienced and smart politician who already knows she is to the right of Democratic activist base on several economic and foreign policy questions. She will either move to the left or not based on what she wants to do, but it is hard to imagine President Hillary Clinton, sitting in the Oval Office in early 2017 reflecting on beating Ms. Warren badly in a series of Democratic primaries the previous year and deciding she therefore needs to govern differently.

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