Laverne Cox at the premiere of Orange is the New Black.

The Transformer: Laverne Cox’s Rising Star From ‘Diddy’ to ‘Orange is the New Black’

Laverne Cox and I met at Good Stuff Diner in Chelsea, where she entered in an amazing floor length black dress, with fishnets and heels. She’d just come from an event at Soho House for the premiere of Orange is The New Black, one of Netlfix’s most popular original series, released this past summer. We sit in a booth and ponder the menu. Miss Cox orders a cup of chamomile tea and a salmon club sans bread, but they bring the bread anyway and it’s too good to resist.

Although Miss Cox has appeared in numerous independent films and television programs for over the past decade, she’s recently become recognized from her role as Sophia Burset, on OITNB, a role that made her Starmeter on Imdb jump into the top 100 most popular actors almost overnight (now pleasantly resting in the top 5000). Receiving recognition from the billboards which one sees just about everywhere in Manhattan and the outer boroughs, she quickly became an audience favorite on the program. She also happens to be trans.

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