Elvis Costello photographed by Jill Krementz on January 24th, 2014 en route from Los Angeles to NYC.

To Do This Week In New York City: A Psychedelics Panel and Paula Vogel’s New Play

Wreaths: I want to make one, and thank goodness, now someone will teach me! Specifically, experts from Michael Gaffney’s New York School of Flower Design will be assembling wreaths out of cedar, pine, balsam, pine cones and berries, and then we will be buying hostess dresses and hopping the next train to Stepford. And you know what? It will be fun. They are going to look great. People are going to admire them, and next year we will make some decorative Santa Clauses/Hanukah Harrys out of pinecones, and then, that third year, Martha Stewart will call us on the phone to initiate a spontaneous and freewheeling friendship. Union Square Hyatt

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