Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren at a 2013 Senate hearing. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Would Clinton-Warren Be a Winning Ticket?

The question of whether Ms. Warren would help Ms. Clinton win is less clear. There are those who believe that Ms. Warren is too far left to be on a national ticket, or that Ms. Clinton needs a man to balance the ticket. Ms. Warren is, by the standards of American politics, very far left, but that would cut two ways for Ms. Clinton. First, running with Ms. Warren would eliminate all discussion among progressive activists that Ms. Clinton is too conservative. That notion would simply no longer be plausible with Ms. Warren on the ticket. Putting Ms. Warren on the ticket would send a very clear message that Ms. Clinton gets the problems with the economy and is going to make the fight on behalf of the less prosperous in the U.S. For many voters, and progressive opinion leaders, the presence of Ms. Warren as Ms. Clinton’s running mate would be the guarantor of that.

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