‘Faking It’ Season Finale GIF-Cap: Karma’s A Bitch

Last week on Faking It, Karma gave up her V-card to Liam in his feelings teepee. This week, they are still in the art room (maybe the art room is a Buffy-Riley sex trap of evil?) and living out somebody’s pottery-fueled Ghost fantasies. But seriously: does no one else at the school use the art room? Liam tells Karma that he’s really happy and wants to take their love public, but Karma starts humming “Secret Lovers” and reminds him that if he doesn’t want to get blamed for breaking up the school’s cutest lipstick lesbians, they have to wait until she and Amy can fake break up and have an appropriate mourning period and then she and Liam can go public. Then they make out in the art room some more before they must be separated for a few hours while Karma attends Amy’s mom’s wedding.

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