Cookie and Lucious on Empire, where that is in fact their real names. (Fox)

‘Empire’ Recap 1×7: The Von Trapps 2.0?

(Editor’s Note: Though we’re part of the way through Fox’ hit show Empire, we’ve been holding off reviewing it until we found a recapper who was dying to write about the King Lear-ish hip-hop melodrama. Introducing tvDownload’s newest member, contributor and Internet writer, Rightor Doyle!)

Fellow Empire watchers, welcome to your weekly recap of the show you always knew you wanted but never knew how to ask for.  Since we are starting quite a few episodes in, I’d like to take a cue from our favorite new devotional hour of soapy HD and give you some sepia toned backstory. As our sister from another musical mister Fräulein Maria said to those devilish yet golden piped Von Trapp children: “Let’s start from the very beginning. It’s a VERY GOOD place to start.” All aboard the Lincoln Towncar Express to High Drama Station!

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