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12 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before January 25

Event: A Viewing of Dustin Yellin’s The Triptych at Sotheby’s
This is how The Triptych, an installation by Red Hook mascot and peppy partygoer Dustin Yellin, is described on Wikipedia: “The Triptych is Yellin’s largest and most complex work, a massive 12-ton, three-paneled epic that embodies his vision of the world and human consciousness. For Yellin, ‘the universe and the mind are shadowy places seething with dark magic, seas of boundless depth and possibility, overflowing with joy and disaster.’” You can go explore the human consciousness on Tuesday at Sotheby’s, where The Triptych will be on display at S|2, its contemporary art gallery. — Nate Freeman

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