Elodie Taittinger and Richard Taittinger at the opening of Richard Taittinger gallery. (Courtesy Billy Farrell)

Sacré Bleu, LES! Popping Bottles for Richard Taittinger’s Sleek Downtown Gallery

On Monday evening on Ludlow Street, the nightlife fixture Julio Montero stood outside a immaculately lit white box, nodding toward certain folk to allow them to enter the shrine and escape the cracked sidewalks of the Lower East Side. The white box was the new home of Richard Taittinger Gallery, and it will not be your typical downtown gallery—the high walls and sleek facade strut and soar like a Chelsea stalwart. There was a profound lack of trash cans filled with Budweiser, the beverage of choice in these parts, and instead, there were small French women passing out flutes of Taittinger—the gallerist’s great-grandfather is the founder of the vineyard.

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