Reeling it in with Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef. (Fox)

‘MasterChef’ Recap 5×9 – ‘Home Cook Down’

Only 13 home cooks left, so get ready for a lot of unlucky number references and a tough competition. The 13 enter the kitchen and the judges are standing in front of a huge metal case. We see a clip of Cutter’s very clear explanation why he’ll probably win this Mystery Box challenge: “We see a big huge box on stage. I’m from Texas. We like everything big. So I’m thinking right off the bat, boom, advantage Cutter.” Who can argue with the reasoning? Texas big, box big, Cutter win? Not this freelance recapper. Guess Cutter will be back in the pantry after this Mystery Box, safe from Elimination Challenge. Besides the enormous box, there is a regular size box in front of each home cook. Gordon Ramsay instructs the home cooks to lift their boxes which reveal a single knife stuck into a cutting board. So the cooks will have to cut something with a knife. Very interesting.

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