A Final Farewell to Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Once upon a time (i.e., last year), I was writing a weekly live music column that involved finding hyper-local shows that not a lot of other outlets were covering. I used Big Snow Buffalo Lodge as one of several primary sources, because it was a scrappy new venue that often booked whole bills of young bands I’d never heard of. (Also, it was near my house and I’m lazy.) They had some bigger bookings, but my desire to be a first responder led me to Google every random act that played there in the hopes of falling in love. I wanted to ease the pain I still felt over the demise of early aughts greats like Ponytail, These Are Powers and Parts and Labor. Not the Next Big Thing exactly, but … The Next Bizarre Thing? The Next Beloved-By-A-Statistically-Insignificant-Group-Of-Dorks Thing? Something like that.

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