Durst never addressed the Skittles incident at CVS in 2014. (HBO/Skittles)

Robert Durst’s Urine-Soaked Candy Crime That Didn’t Make It Into ‘The Jinx’

Now that a week has gone by and the dust has settled about whether The New York Times f*cked over our Sunday night viewing experience with their push notifications about Robert Durst, subject of the HBO documentary The Jinx, I feel like we’ve gotten some more perspective on the matter. So far, I’ve come across two separate but equally vocal contingents: the one group that had already heard of the Durst trial the first time around in Galveston, when the then 57-year-old convinced jurors that even though he had mutilated the body of his neighbor–stuffing different parts into garbage bags and then throwing them into an unsinkable swamp–he had not committed actually murdered him; and those among us who had either never heard the story or filed it away in that part of our brain that deals with cannibal cops and Charles Manson and ideas for Law & Order episodes. (Durst was actually the basis for two!)

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