Suraj Sharma as Ayaan in Homeland. (Showtime)

‘Homeland’ 4×4 Recap: Aayan’s Big Night

Aayan finds the quickest way to become Carrie’s boyfriend.

You need to bring some suspension of disbelief to enjoy this episode of Homeland, but it’s worth it. Sure, it feels like it should have been harder for Fara to capture that really good video of a heavily guarded Haissam Haqqani and send that video to Carrie, all while speaking very loudly about it in the middle of the street, but it establishes an important plot point, and we didn’t need to spend a lot of time on it. Also, the idea that Quinn would have to be within 5 feet of Farhad Ghazi phone in order to clone doesn’t sound like a real thing. Little questionable stuff like that will probably continue to happen, so if it’s a problem, hit the bricks.

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