Eating ‘Sheeee-it’: Isiah Whitlock on ‘The Wire’ Curse; Kickstarter Bobblehead

If there is one thing actors, especially character actors, love, it’s when you go up to them and demand that they perform their famous lines for you. That’s why Robert DeNiro is constantly telling every schmo who makes him a deli sandwich “You talkin’ to me?” and Ben Stiller is just giving away Blue Steel for Anna Wintour.

But it’s a double-edged sword, right? Get known for one type of thing and you’re going to harnessed to it for the rest of your career. No one embodies this paradox more so than Isiah Whitlock, known to most fans as Senator Clay Davis from The Wire, whose catchphrase was just a four-letter word strung out from here to eternity: Sheeeeeeeeeit.

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