Jeb Bush (Photo: Andy Jacobsohn/Getty)

The New York Times Shows Us Its Favorite Bush Is Jeb

In today’s New York Times, Jeb Bush’s possible 2016 candidacy received the kind of coverage that his older brother and father rarely received from that newspaper, and that could help him move ahead of Mr. Romney. The front page article consisted largely of a highly controlled Bush family message seeking to demonstrate that Jeb is his own man. Mr. Bush’s son, Jeb Bush Jr., who acts as the family spokesperson in the piece, states, “I don’t think it’ll be like a big [famly] internal straw poll.” The younger Bush also added a remark about his mother indicating that Columba Bush will defer to her husband’s decision. “But she loves Dad and she loves the country, and I think she’ll be supportive.” This was in part a contrast with the Romney family, that appears to be more involved in discussions about, and is already less decisive regarding, Mitt Romney’s possible 2016 run.

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