Awwwwkward. (AMC)

‘Mad Men’ Recap 7X10: The State of the Union

“The Forecast” has Don trying to make sense of his future of SC & P’s for some Gettysburg Address-style Roger tasked him with where he has to lay out the future of the firm at some beach resort getaway sponsored by the McCann overlords. It’s rare that Don can’t find the words he needs. Hell, his meteoric rise in the industry has hinged on him being able to pull Kodak Carousel quality pitches out of his ass at a moment’s notice, but now he’s truly stumped. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that he doesn’t have much of a plan for his own future now that he’s in this newly single holding pattern where he’s sleeping in an empty apartment he just can’t seem to unload, mainly its emptiness seems to exude more failure than opportunity. The handy Betty clone of a real estate agent lays that out for him in no uncertain terms.

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