‘The Leftovers’ Recap 1×3: The Fever Dream/Parable We Deserve

Let me say this for last night’s episode of The Leftovers: it was smart to move the storyline away from Crazy (for bagels!) Sheriff Kevin and shift it towards another townsperson, in this case, Reverend Matt. The episode was self-contained and even made some sort of sense, in it’s own way, leading me to believe that Damon Lindelof has pulled a Jenji Kohan and is using Justin Theroux as his Trojan horse. Because, okay, we start off with Reverend Matt cleaning his church and then telling his sparsely attended flock some parable about a boy who wants all the attention and then is stricken with cancer, and a girl named Emily who is in a coma. At least, I think it’s a parable? It just seems like a weird story, but if you tell one to your congregation, I’m pretty sure it just counts as a parable, no question asked. Reverend Matt’s story must not have gone over well, because as he’s finishing, a guy walks in and  straight up punches him all over. Why??

Oh, it turns out because Reverend Matt is the guy going around and putting up all those signs questioning the idea of the 2%-alypse being the Rapture by listing all the sins of various people who were “taken.” Like the lady on the sign that gets stuffed into Rev Matt’s mouth sold Percocet to college kids, so no heaven for her!

Rev Matt is in the hospital having his head checked while a cop played by the guy who plays all the cops interrogates him. Then Sheriff Crazy Bagels shows up, and there’s some sort of weird relationship that’s gestured to, involving Sheriff’s Crazy Bagel’s crazier dad, the former Sheriff Crazy Bagels, and Reverend Matt.

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