Katie Holmes and Liev Schreiber in 'Ray Donovan.'

‘Ray Donovan’ Recap 3×06: Swing Vote

Welp, those ol’ Donovan boys have really stepped in it this time! Ain’t no way they can un-cook this goose!

For five episodes, Ray Donovan has operated as an almost pure character study– allowing our heroes to make their typical mistakes without any sense of how those mistakes would come back to bite them. Ray fell in with the nefarious Finneys but paid little price even when he’d failed them. Abby re-engaged with her family in Southie and navigated their resentments and crises with aplomb. Mickey and Daryll became pimps and suffered nothing but a few momentary cash flow problems. Terry went to prison, was shivved by white supremacists, and managed to land right back at the boxing club.

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