Thoughtful meditation on world events: IN. (Netflix)

‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Premieres; Reveals ‘Ins & Outs’ of Underwood’s America

Fasten your rib bibs and light up your nightly cigarettes, because the new season of “House of Cards” is waiting in your Netflix queue. Like all things, some of the things are different and some of the things are the same. (Frank Underwood said that.) Here’s what’s in and what’s out for this new season.

In: Talking to the camera
Frank is still treating the camera as a depository for his delusions of grandeur, and he silver-tongues right at us in the very first scene, on a visit to his father’s grave back in South Carolina. Frank pontificates about being POTUS and all that delicious power he now holds… and then he straight-up takes a leak all over the final resting place of Calvin T. Underwood. Which, incidentally, is a brand of boxer briefs this recapper would totally buy.

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