PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy Larry Fink

With These Amazing Shots of Lumberjacks, Photographer Larry Fink Goes Out on a Limb

When we think of logging, we think of clear cutting, we think of the disastrous blight of forests. City folk surmise that what seems to be happening in some of our great forests has been counterproductive to ecological concerns.

The building of America’s infrastructure and familial structure has a one-to-one relationship with utilizing the wood that has been harvested by clearing forests. Now it seems that we have gone too far. So the jobs and historic integrity of these men presented here are now in peril.

These pictures, culled from my book Opening the Sky (Stanley/Barker) were not photographed with any political concern. No eco-issues were on my mind, the only thing that was was the lumberjacks and how incredibly hard they work—and how dangerous those hills really are.

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