Leonard Cohen Tour- Melbourne

Leonard Cohen Turns 80

At 80, it is possible to see the arc of Cohen’s life more fully. Cohen’s journey from a privileged upbringing in Montreal, to being one of the leading young Canadian poets of the post-war generation, to being too old to fit into the hippie or folk scene when he first came to New York has continued to carve a path unlike any other living artist. Cohen’s life does seem as peripatetic now as it did decades ago when he was moving from country to country, relationship to relationship, and dabbling in spiritual solutions ranging from Zen to scientology. Today he is an older man who is alarmingly comfortable in his skin and who has produced a lifetime of work where the same themes of probing the reasons for human suffering, the relationship between people and higher powers as in songs like “Who By Fire,” as well as sensuality and naked bodies are explored with increasing insight with each passing decade.

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