Why I oughta! Liev Schreiber acting in Ray Donovan.

‘Ray Donovan’ 2×2 Recap: ‘Uber Ray’

Last Sunday Ray went walking into Lucy’s shirtless, baseball bat in hand, ready to do some damage to the thugs and bring Mickey back to the FBI. Cannot wait to see that cliffhanger finally payoff. Is Ray going to kill someone? Maybe Ray will get put in a coma and the show will become Mickey’s Boys, a fun comedy about the boxing gym. Anything can happen. It’ll probably be bloody. Be prepared for some brutal violence. Shh, be quiet. The scenes from last week are ending annnnd…Mickey and Ray are in the car driving back from Mexico. Does this mean we don’t get to see even a little bit of the fight? Ray doesn’t look like he got bloodied up at all. Who chooses to show the ride home from a fight instead of the fight? Am I watching TV in Europe for God’s sake?

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