Does he do? Unreal's sexy, scandalous take on reality dating shows. (Lifetime)

‘UnREAL’ Creators Discuss ‘Despicable’ Lifetime Writers Room Motto

Now that the latest round of The Bachelorette has wrapped up, it’s the perfect time to get onboard with Lifetime’s breakout hit, UnREAL.

For the uninitiated, the series is a behind the scenes look at a dating competition show, in this case entitled Everlasting. At the center of the production staff is emotionally fragile producer Rachel Goldberg whose job is to ‘produce,’ (which actually means manipulate) the male suitor and the female contestants in order to create outrageous drama, both on and off screen. Under the direction of  demanding executive producer Quinn King, Rachel is often caught in ethically challenging situations, most of which, no matter what she does, cannot possibly have a good outcome.

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